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Beautiful flowers. Grown with integrity.

Westland Floral Company Carpinteria, Inc. is a family-owned flower farm and floral design house established in 1971. For over 50 years, Westland Floral has been cultivating beautiful flowers with a commitment to responsible farming practices. Our 60-acre sustainable farm is located along the central coast in Carpinteria, California where the ideal climate allows for producing the finest fresh-cut and potted flowers year around. Our greenhouse and field grown flowers are harvested daily at their peak and artfully designed into bouquets. Westland Floral is dedicated to growing distinctively high quality, farm fresh flowers for wholesale, retail, mass-markets, and supermarkets nationwide, and giving back to the communities we serve.

Father and son proprietors, Case and Alex Van Wingerden, lead Westland Floral with the knowledge and passion for agriculture. Guided by their Dutch heritage and generations of horticultural ancestry, Case and Alex are established nurserymen renowned for cultivating premier orchids, cut flowers, avocados, lettuce, herbs, and microgreens. Case, a native of the Netherlands and visionary entrepreneur, moves Westland Floral forward on the path of innovation. Alex, a modern farmer and steward of the land, sustainably grows flowers and produce to share with his family, community, and valued Westland Floral customers.

Our Flowers

Westland Floral cut orchids, gerberas, lilies, aster, dianthus, and safflower are greenhouse and field grown. Our specialty flowers are hand harvested, paired with locally sourced floral and foliage, and designed into beautiful floral bouquets and consumer bunches of a single flower variety. Bouquets are protected by specialty floral wraps and sleeves designed for floral holidays and in trending color palettes. Floral preservative packets are included with every Westland Floral bouquet. Packed and shipped with freshly cut stems in containers of water, our flowers remain hydrated and chilled throughout the shipping cold chain. From our farm into your hands, Westland Floral flowers are distinctively grown, designed, and delivered.


With over 50 years breeding and cultivating only the best varieties, Westland Floral offers premium Cymbidium orchids. Flowers and are available in mini or standard sizes. Cymbidium flower colors range from white and cream; yellow; pink, mocha, and burgundy; orange and rust; green and chartreuse. Cymbidium throats are marked with stunning shades of deep crimson or green. Westland Floral Cymbidium orchids are long lasting, up to four weeks as a cut flower. Cymbidium sprays are gorgeous showcased as the focal point in a floral bouquet.


Westland Floral cut Gerbera portfolio includes an array of sizes, colors, and single or double crested rays of petals. Flower diameters range from mini (2–3") to (3–5") standard. Our Gerbera floral color palette ranges from soft and subdued hues to vibrant colors and bi-colors: pure white, yellow, rosy to bright pink, mauve, red, crimson, coral, and orange. Striking center discs florets are black, brown, maroon, red, yellow, or green. The long lasting blooms and tall, graceful stems of Westland Floral Gerbera create a striking display in bouquets and floral designs.


Westland Floral lilies are gorgeous as flowers unfold from bud to full bloom. Our lilies are long lasting and available in a variety of seasonal colors from shades of soft pink, mauve, and white to vibrant yellow and orange. Our large Oriental lilies have a bold fragrance whereas our delicate Asiatic lilies have smaller flowers with no noticeable scent.

Certified American Grown Flowers

Westland Floral is a Certified American Grown (CAG) farmer of premium orchids, gerbera, and lilies. The Certified American Grown seal affirms the high quality, freshness, and standards of floral production in the United States and ensures the floral consumer of domestic origins of purchase. Choosing Certified American Grown flowers and bouquets supports farmers, small businesses, and jobs domestically and ensures the viability of the most beautifully grown flowers in the United States.

How We Farm


Stewardship is the foundation of farming at Westland Floral. We recognize our responsibility to conserve and protect the land, natural resources, air, water, and biodiversity of our world. Sustainable farming, hydroponic cultivation, and recyclable packaging of Westland Floral flowers all prove our dedication to the responsible use and protection of the natural environment. At Westland Floral, we embrace technology as a means of growing our crops and our business, with minimal impact on our environment.

  •  Environmental Protection
  •  Land Stewardship
  •  Employee Wellbeing

  •  Water Conservation
  •  Biodiversity Conservation & Protection
  •  Effective Planning and Management

Westland Floral carefully balances innovative hydroponic greenhouse cultivation with traditional farming practices. Hydroponics, a type of horticulture involving growing plants in nutrient rich water without soil, go hand in hand with sustainable farming: water conservation; precise management of nutrient levels without excessive application of plant nutrients; ideal greenhouse growing conditions to reduce plant nutrient and crop protection products; and high density planting to maximize crop yield with minimal use of land.

DNA testing cymbidium labratory

Our investment into an on-site laboratory allows routine testing of water supplies, DNA testing for plant pathogens, and precise germination and cloning of our best varieties. Our genetic portfolio of orchids is decades deep and preserves old and new varieties for generations to come. Longevity is our vision and the reward we share with the world.

Our Brands

Bring home the beauty of flowers and blooming plants grown by Westland Floral and our retail sister companies, Gallup & Stribling Orchids and Flower Farm Shop. Create the wedding of your dreams with floral designs created by Weddings by Gallup & Stribling. Expand your horticultural knowledge, connect with the community, and experience the rewards offered by our educational workshops and farm tours. Taste the freshness of microgreens and hydroponic produce grown by our own Alexander Ranch.

Gallup & Stribling Orchids

retail shop

Retail Store & Visitor Center

Enjoy a peaceful stroll through our retail greenhouse floral shop and take in the gorgeous colors and sights of living orchids, lush foliage, drought friendly succulents, and intriguing air plants. Visit with our knowledgeable staff and answer all your horticultural questions. While shopping beauty, stop by our produce cooler which highlights local produce and our own Alexander Ranch hydroponic lettuce, herbs, and microgreens.

Weddings by Gallup & Stribling


Wedding & Event Floral Design

Dreamy wedding flowers selected for your wedding day are hand-picked fresh and designed at our flower farm. Our experienced wedding floral design team goes above and beyond to make floral planning an inspirational and memorable experience. Schedule your event consultation at our flower farm and experience the beauty.

Flower Farm Shop

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Online Floral Shop & Delivery

Offering a beautiful selection of fresh cut flowers, orchids, and potted plants grown and designed at our flower farm in Carpinteria, California. Expertly packed, delivered locally, or shipped nationwide. Visit us online at flowerfarmshop.com or call to speak directly with our friendly and knowledgeable floral design team 805-881-5519.

Alexander Ranch

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Hydroponic & Organic Produce, Herbs, & Microgreens

Alexander Ranch, Inc. cultivates premium greenhouse grown hydroponic and organic lettuce, herbs, and microgreens. Our commitment to environmentally responsible farming practices promises Alexander Ranch provides safe, sustainable, and naturally healthy produce to the communities we serve.


Join us as we host farm tours, open greenhouse events, workshops, and farm to table greenhouse dinners. We share our horticultural knowledge by offering workshops on orchid culture and care, creating living succulent arrangements, and fresh cut floral design. Follow us on Instagram for a list of events and to experience what is blooming in our greenhouses.

Flower Care Guide

Flowers are perishable commodities. Proper care will extend the life and beauty of your fresh cut or potted flowers. Use this guide at home or share with your floral department team.

Connect with us

Westland Floral grows and ships the finest flowers direct from our central coast of California farm to wholesale, retail, supermarkets and mass-markets nationwide. Let us know how we can serve your floral needs.